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Ken Robinson         BFA   MED

I always feel privileged to paint someone's beloved best friend!

That is a picture of me with my best friend when I was a young lad.


I am offering both traditional CANVAS painting  and DIGITAL  painting options. 


 Digital portraits are done with a stylus instead of a brush.  I make marks onto a pressure sensitve surface to create portraits using all the traditional methods of painting but without the mess!  Not having to purchase canvas, brushes and

paint as well as having the luxury of repainting areas almost

immediately allows me to lower my prices but still

maintain an amazing result.  Digital paintings are printed out onto a heavy weight Fine Art Paper and arrive to your doorstep in a  tube. These prints can  be matted and then framed.   I find it convenient to post my paintings for my clients to approve prior to delivery!


CANVAS portraits are painted with acrylic paint and with a brush!  (Old school,due to popular demand!)  They arrive to you as a stretched canvas ready to frame or display as is!  I also offer framing

services for the Canvas paintings.  Frames come with a silver name

tag with your doggies name.  Ask me for details!


My dog Ruby was my first animal portrait, I have painted many

since then.



I look forward to painting your furry and feathered friends!  It usually takes about 2 weeks from order to arrival and I ship for free.



If you have any question, please contact me with the link below!

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