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Feel free to contact any of the following clients on FB for further information.

I am so thankful we got this done of our Kenya.  It brings me such

comfort to look at.


            -  DELLAROSE REIMCHE

That's my baby Pebbles!!!! Best portrait ever, most talented artist!!


            -  CORAL WHEAT

Is this not the most beautiful painting, Ken Robinson you are the best!


            -  CHERIE CAMP

I love this painting!  It looks just like my "Cookie Wookie!"


            -  HELEN DEATHERAGE

Today, I received this most beautiful portrait painted by the most wonderful artist, Ken Robinson.  If you have a picture of your dog, living or passed over the bridge, Ken Robinson can paint a beautiful likeness for you to have forever....he is very affordable and will work closely with you as to the details you want most captured.  Find him on FB.  Tell him I sent you!


            -  JEANIE MIMI WALLACE

The painting came today!  It is breathtaking.  I loved it from the pics you sent me, but the impact upon opening was like a silent bomb went off.  I am stunned and in awe.  Your talent is amazing.  Thank you.


            -  LORIN GROW

It is absolutely gorgeous.  Beautiful work!  Thank you so much!


            -  PAMELA GILLINGER

OMG, it is beautiful!  ....Absolutely stunning.  Thank you so much.  It is outstanding.  It is her.  You captured her perfectly.  It is stunning.


            -  GAYLE HOPE

Oh...I had to look at it to realize it was not a are amazing, LOVE IT!  Totally perfect!! Thank you so is beautiful!!!


            -  MAGGIE MCMANN

Ken Robinson..are tears enough to let you know how happy I am with TBones painting?  You have captured everything that was  my Regal girl.  Her expression is so life like.  Her heart shines through the strokes of your brush.  I will never be able to express my gratitude for this phenomenal painting of my friend for 17 years.


            -  JUNE TAYLOR

This painting of two of my babies is so precious to me. Cannot put into words what this means to me.  Thank you so much Ken!!


            -  Rosemary Cedillo

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