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Tablet Painting or Electronic Portraits


Tablet painting is an alternative method of painting portraits.  On the electric canvas,

I carefully reproduce your photo using all the standard techniques of classical

painting. A tablet has a pressure sensitive surface  that enables me to draw 

and paint with a stylus replicating the look and feel of real pencils and brushes.  The final
work is then printed out on  Fine Art paper with a state of the art nine color professional
ink jet printer which optimizes all the fine detail creating a beautiful work of art!  
The results are fabulous pet and animal portraits!

Tablet painting allows today's  artists the power and flexibility of  using an electronic canvas,
making art production more efficient as well as providing an ease for creative changes.
This results in lower prices to the client.  Identical multiple pet portraits can also be made 
at a very reasonable cost.  





Canvas Portraits

With a canvas painting, I paint old school with brushes and acrylic paint onto canvas. I work from a photo that you send me and carefully reproduce it

using a variety of paint brushes and plenty of colour mixing.   I am offering 4 sizes of canvas:   11x14 inches, 12x16 inches, 16x20 inches and 18x24 inches.  If you would like a larger size of canvas, it can be easily arranged.   Once you approve of the final painting, I apply a protective clear coat.  Canvas paintings can take anywhere from 8 to 10 days to complete depending on size and complexity.  These are shipped for free and arrive at your doorstep carefully wrapped.

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