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Fine art paper and  Canvas

Fine Art  paper

If you order a digital painting, your pet portrait will be hand painted using a stylus onto a pressure sensitive surface.  Finished paintings will be  printed  on matte Fine Art Paper.  I am offering  two sizes  at 11x17 inches, 13x19 inches.  These Fine Art Papers are museum quality capable of reproducing images with beautiful color and high black density for exciting rich prints!  




If you order canvas, your pet painting will be hand painted using acrylic paint onto Archival, acid free, medium surface canvas.   I am offering  sizes 11x14 inches,  12x16 inches, 16x20 inches and 18x24 inches.  Acrylic paintings will be shipped free of charge and will arrive ready for your viewing pleasure!  Paintings usually take around 10 days to complete.  Larger sizes are available upon request.



printed on 13X19 inch Fine Art Paper
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